Supplier and Vendor Management

Suppliers and Vendors are a key part of any Value Chain to ensure that an organisation is able to deliver products and services to its customers. Managing these Supplier and Vendor relationships has become increasingly complex as customers become more sophisticated and suppliers and vendors become more influential.

The NELAND Supplier and Vendor Management Application captures information which allows our Clients to interact proactively with all their suppliers and vendors. By categorising suppliers and vendors, we are able to match our Clients' needs with suppliers and vendors profiles and capabilities. In particular, we match criteria like Historically Disadvantaged South Africans, Female-owned, Industry Sector and Experience to each requirement for products or services.

Administrators will be prompted to update information like Company Profiles, Tax Clearance Certificates and other key documentation, based on the information captured in the Supplier and Vendor Management database.

Company documentation (eg. updated procedures for Supplier and Vendor Requirements) from our Clients will also be emailed to Suppliers and Vendors on a regular basis, as part of the automated "Keep our Suppliers and Vendors Informed" function of the application.