Knowledge and Document Management

Knowledge and Document Management is a fundamental organisational resource which enables accurate and continuous information sharing within an organisation. Dependence on key employees has created situations where companies are not able to transfer knowledge as required to new or promoted employees. In addition, the company is often exposed to policies and procedures violations since much of its operational knowledge remains undocumented and informal.

The NELAND Knowledge and Document Management Solution utilises open source technologies to define and document policies, procedures, processes, key performance indicators, and roles and responsibilities for all key business processes. We liaise with and enable Training and Human Resource functions to transfer and share organisational information to any point in the company. The documentation will be validated and signed off by Quality and Risk Management functions to ensure that all employees have access to only one approved version.

The Frequently Asked Questions section of our solution provides employees with a facility to verify and update their knowledge of the company's business processes, policies and procedures, using desktop technologies.

Knowledge Management also allows our Clients to have access to and benchmark themselves against Industry Best Practices.