IT Services and Systems Development

NELAND Consulting and its Information Systems Associate Company have defined, developed and implemented Information Systems and Databases to support key business processes, allowing our Clients to create fundamental operational efficiencies.

We have rolled out customised and packaged systems for our Clients, across a variety of processes, ranging from Customer Relationship Management to Finance applications.

The International Marketing Council (IMC), which is mandated with managing Brand South Africa ahead of the Fifa 2010 World Cup, is interacting with international journalists to create brand awareness for our country using a database that was developed by NELAND Consulting's IT Associate (Marimba). We developed a Contact Management Database for the IMC so that information about South Africa can be proactively directed to international journalists and publications.

The Gauteng Department of Public Works and Transport is utilising a Student Bursary Fund Management application developed by NELAND Consulting and Marimba. The application is currently used to automate the bursary allocation administrative process.

NELAND Consulting also provide expertise and recommendations regarding the following IT Services to key clients:

  • IT Security Management (Department of Public Works)
  • Knowledge and Document Management Systems automation (Anglo Platinum)
  • Vendor and Supplier Customer Relationship Management automation (BET h A Consultants)

NELAND Consulting has also provided ongoing IT Services for networking, telecommunications, desktop & infrastructure support, backup and disaster recovery. These services include defining strategies as well as providing continuous support for our Clients.