Human Capital Development

Human Capital Development and Training is one of the key deliverables that NELAND Consulting provides to it's Clients. We utilise experienced, accredited trainers through one of our Associate Companies to ensure that our Clients' build the capabilities of their most important resource.

From a strategic perspective, NELAND Consulting not only ensures that all employees know and understand how to perform their jobs, but also that by developing their Human Capital, our Clients become Employers of Choice.

NELAND Consulting, working with BEThA Consultants as business partners, is not only providing Human Capital Training and Development programmes, but also IT tools to automate the processes of continuous improvement. NELAND Consulting has developed a Training and Development Database Management System to allow Training Functions to proactively integrate training undertaken by staff members with succession planning initiatives.

Skills acquired by staff will be evaluated and measured on an ongoing basis, and form a key part of the Performance Management Systems to link improved capability and knowledge to Rewards and Recognition processes.