Environmental Protection

All organisations, regardless of their size or industry of operation, affect the environment in a number of ways. Water, electricity and natural resources are consumed on an ongoing basis and it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to monitor and manage their impact on our environment.

The NELAND Environmental Performance Management Solution creates awareness, develops and implements programmes to address our 5R's of Environmental Protection: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reinvest, Repeat.

Our Environmental Performance Management Solution is based on a Process and Technology methodology which enables a Company to define key performance measures that contribute to their impact on the environment. These measures are identified and defined to ensure that they are not only relevant to the type of business operation, but also extend to how the company's products and services are consumed.

The NELAND Environmental Performance Management Solution provides our Clients with processes and technologies to facilitate their own environmental impact, as well as offering their Customers practical approaches to ensure that the use of our Clients' products and services remain environmentally friendly.

In most countries, Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing and Distribution is also becoming a legal requirement. Our solutions ensure full legal and statutory compliance, as well as positioning our Clients as best-in-class Corporate Citizens.