Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is what set competitors apart in the market, and defines consumer preference. NELAND Consulting's Customer Relationship Management Solution has been implemented by organisations like the International Marketing Council (IMC) to build Brand South Africa , internationally.

Our facility allows our Clients to provide their Customers with relevant, targeted information, proactively, through the use of a customised application. Most of our Clients have a good theoretical understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), but they lack technologies which assist them to automate and monitor the effectiveness of this function.

The NELAND Customer Relationship Management Application captures all relevant information about particular customers and provides proactive interaction on anniversaries and special interests. Administrators are able to set parameters to send email communications to customers and record responses to those messages.

Our CRM Application can also be made accessible to the Client's customers, via the internet, to enable them to update contact and special interest information to ensure that customer information remains current.