Business Process Excellence

Executing the business processes of any Organisation requires structure, a common purpose and a shared understanding and commitment to the highest quality of outcomes. Defining policies, procedures and business processes in a clear, well documented and usable manner ensures that all resources of the business are able to direct their operations towards shared goals.

Business Process definition, evaluation, documentation and improvement should be an integral part of any Organisation's delivery programme. Too often organisations see Business Operations Process Excellence as a once-off activity that is embarked on when the Company is experiencing problems.

NELAND Consulting implements a process and structure that enables our Clients to perform continuous evaluation and improvement programmes as part of their existing Business Processes, by incorporating these programmes into ongoing Performance Management initiatives.

We utilise Best Practice, Target Setting and Management Reporting approaches to drive process reengineering as an ongoing practice within the organisation. Supporting Functions, Information Systems, and Skills & Competencies are directed towards improving the effectiveness of Key Operational Processes.

NELAND Consulting considers its Skills Transfer Outcomes are a key part of delivering any Business Project, so that our Clients become self-sufficient and our initiatives are sustainable.