Company Profile

NELAND Consulting was formed in 2005 as a Management Consulting, Environmental Performance Management and IT Services Company to provide a seamless integration among:

  • the Delivery Environmental Performance Management Solutions
  • the Creation of Business Process Excellence Products and Services
  • the Execution of Organisational sStrategy,
  • the Investment in Human Capital, and
  • the Utilisation of Information Technology

to implement sustainable Market Presence and Competitive Advantage.



We are a Black Female-owned South African Company, which delivers a "Partnership for Successful Execution" to our Clients by providing Project based services to ensure that our Clients meet and exceed all Market and Stakeholder Expectations, consistently, at all times!


NELAND Consulting - Business Solutions

NELAND Consulting has developed customised Industry Solutions based on Market Requirements to provide focussed partnership interventions. We have formulated:

  • Strategy Development and Execution
  • Environmental Performance Management
  • Organisational Strategy Development
  • Business Operations Process Excellence
  • Supplier and Vendor Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • IT Services and Systems Development
  • Human Capital Development
  • Knowledge and Document Management

Business Solutions which have been delivered to a number of key clients.